Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Quantum Announces New Family of Wide Area Storage Solutions for Managing

A proven global expert in data protection and big data management, today unveiled a new family of wide area storage solutions, Lattus, which provides globally distributed disk-based archives that are extremely scalable and cost-effective and allows storage of data forever on disk without interruption or migration. Integrating dispersed object storage and Quantum file system technologies, these solutions offer a new approach to archiving that overcomes the limitations and inefficiencies posed by traditional disk architectures in multi-petabyte storage environments. Lattus-X, the first product in the Lattus family is a wide area storage solution with NAS access that will be generally available next month.


Benefits of Wide Area Storage Solutions Lattus is built to address the challenges inherent in current solutions based on RAID architectures that grow to the petabyte level and beyond in industries such as digital media, science research, surveillance and energy exploration. Incorporating next-generation object storage technology, Lattus products are optimized for managing large and growing repositories of big data indefinitely, thereby enabling customers to extract the data's maximum value over its entire life.

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